Bryce Schubert

Bryce Schubert, Ontario

Hello Bryan and Activelite,

Thank you so much for renting me the iWalk-Free when I had my broken leg. It really gave me my life back.

I was really struggling with the simplest daily tasks on the crutches, I couldn’t even carry a cup of coffee on my own.

This was more than just renting a new leg.

It gave me my hands back as well.

Being able to climb stairs and carry things was especially important for someone like me who lives in a basement, and I was finally able to do all my regular activities again, including buying groceries, cooking – I even went to Wonderland with it.

Not to mention on Halloween I made a great pirate!

I would have missed out on a lot this month had I not discovered this device, and I really appreciate all your help.

Bryce Schubert

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