Dr. B.A. Davis, Ontario

Dr. B.A. Davis, Ontario

As you know, I am a 79 year old with a 6 year history of mobility disability.

Prior to my medical problems, my wife and I enjoyed walks at least four times a week. Then I became housebound with all my outings becoming car rides.

At some point it was suggested that I should consider an electric scooter. I did considerable research, but I could not find a machine I wanted to buy. They were either too big and heavy or too small, light and unpleasant to ride. In addition most machines required a larger car (van, SUV) and a mechanical lift to get it in and out of the car. In addition, they were not portable in the sense that on a vacation, I could bring the scooter but not the lift.

Finally, one sales person suggested I investigate the ActiveLite scooter. It was light, portable, folded for travel, could fit into an ordinary trunk (with disassembly into 2 parts) and no lift required. My wife could do that without assistance.

This changed my life. I could ride when she walked. I could travel with this scooter. I am no longer housebound and have a new lease on life.

Many thanks,
BA Davis

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