Judy Dicaire, Ontario

Judy Dicaire, Ontario

Just a few lines to let you know how we feel about the easy rider. WOW!

For the first time in 4 years Ron and I went to a flea market and what a great time we had. Ron was able to motor around & look at things, talk to people, he even had a race with a little 5 year old that had a toy scooter. He provided entertainment for all! It also gave me some worry free time. I didn’t have to worry about him falling down. I was able to enjoy myself too!

I have a disabled daughter who had to go to the Civic Hospital for a lot of tests today. So she was able to use the easy rider too! What a god- send it is. I received your cards in the mail today. I only wish I had had them with me at the flea market because as you said there were a lot
of questions about the easy rider. Its so easy for me to assemble too! It’s worth every penny it cost & more.


Judy Diciare

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