Marlene Sarich, British Columbia

Marlene Sarich, British Columbia

I have been delighted with my Easy Travel scooter which I purchased in June of 05.

I am still able to do short shopping trip without it but always have it in the back of my van as security if I need it. I definitely use it when going to our Farmer’s Market because I want to visit with vendors other old timers without experiencing pain.

Frequently I visit my daughter in Vancouver or my son in Ottawa and always take my scooter without any problems – either driving to the airplane at our small airport, using the EasyTravel Strap (essential and works well) to hold it together and the employees put it on the valet cart. Or in larger airports I strap it up and am wheelchaired to my plane.

Shortly after I purchased my Easy Travel scooter I took two of my grandchildren Peter 7 & Carmen 9 to Vancouver for a big city experience. The picture (below) is of the three of us on Grouse Mt, having traveled up the mountain on the Gondola we ventured forth to see the Grizzly Bear, the shows with the Birds of Prey and an amusing Logging exhibition. This was only one adventure in six fun filled days!

The first week I had my scooter I showed it to a friend who is more handicaped than I am. He immediately sent for his own and claims he would have no life without it – he travels to his workshop at the end of his yard, shops, visits his doctor, works in his yard etc. The goal is to enjoy life and live independently as long as possible – the Easy Travel scooters make this possible.

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