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Scooters help people gain back their freedom after an accident or injury, as they allow them to independently travel where they need to go. Over the years, technology has progressed, allowing health care equipment manufacturers to design and construct equipment that is both functional and transportable. If you are an avid traveler, or if you are looking for equipment that can be easily stored, the Classic 4-Wheel Folding Scooter can meet all of your needs.

The Classic 4-Wheel Folding Scooter was specifically designed and created to be compact and lightweight while still providing support to those who require it. This scooter can easily fit into the trunk of a vehicle and is Air Travel friendly.

How it Works

The Classic 4-Wheel Folding Scooter can be folded into two different forms, in a matter of seconds, without the use of tools. The battery pack can also be removed, allowing for proper storage. If you do not require a scooter every day, the battery pack can also be toted to and from your car, to charge when needed. This feature allows you to be able to keep the scooter in the trunk of your car for as long as you need.

Simple. Easy. Safe.

There are two ways that you can fold this scooter, depending on your travel plans. The “Split-Fold” is perfect for those who would like to place the scooter in a smaller space, or in the trunk of a standard family vehicle. In less than 5 minutes, you have a fully functioning scooter that can be stored or transported without hassle.

The “Luggage Fold” is ideal if you are planning on travelling by bus, plane or train as the scooter can be easily folded to resemble a suitcase. Not only is it space-efficient, but it allows you to be able to travel freely without worrying about transporting an oversized item. Are you planning on taking a vacation? Imagine how much easier it would be to transport your scooter like you would a carry-on!

We have created two videos that show you just how easy it is to convert the Classic 4-Wheel Folding Scooter. Click here to visit our product page.

At Mobility Spot we believe that you should be able to decide where you would like to travel, instead of your equipment making that decision for you. Call us today if you have any questions.

1 Comment

Vincent Burns on

Not many scooters have the ability to fold up like how you have them fold. That would be a great advantage because then you could store more in the car. The scooters you see all the time have a little bit of bulk to them and that is why they are hard to carry around in a car. Most people have to get a lift on the back of their car for them.

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