Prepare Your Equipment for the Winter Months

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December is finally here. Snow has fallen in several parts of Ontario and the temperatures have started to drop. Along with preparing your home for winter, it is time to get your mobility equipment ready for winter weather conditions.

Rain, snow and ice can cause harm to you and your equipment if they are not cared for properly, and if they have not been outfitted for winter. If you require a cane, scooter, or power chair, there are a few things that you can do to make sure that you have a safe winter.


Canes can be maintained during the winter months, through proper and regular cleanings. Salt can harm the wood or metal, depending on what your cane is made of, so to keep your cane looking it’s best remove water, salt, dirt, and mud with a soft cloth whenever necessary. Inspect your cane for any dents or wood splinters as well. Imperfections in the material can affect the amount of weight that a cane can support.

Ice can also pose a major risk when heading outdoors. To ensure that your cane does not slip on the ice, consider purchasing an ice pick that has been made specifically for the end of a cane. Ice picks can be attached and removed easily, and will provide additional traction.

Scooters/ Power Chairs

Scooters and power chairs are used to increase mobility as they allow people to travel safely from one space to another. With winter approaching, it is time to inspect and prepare your machine. In addition to making sure that the thread on your tires are not worn, also make sure to check that the brakes are working properly.

Between snow and rain, the electrical equipment in a scooter or power chair can become damaged. To protect your equipment, consider purchasing a rain cover made for your scooter or chair. This will increase the life of your machine and can be used throughout the year if needed.

Over the next few weeks, take some time to prepare your equipment for the winter months. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us or visit our office.


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